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    The ancient teachings of Ayurveda are undoubtedly among the most important ingredients of Indian culture, they form the cornerstone of alife ayurvedham, the hospital who have made Ayurvedic treatments well-known all over India. Alife Ayurveda Hospital was started with the aim of providing holistic, natural and effective treatment. The hospital is committed in taking guidance of all the advanced diagnostic methods of allopathy and effective natural treatment procedures of Ayurveda.

    Alife Ayurvedam
  • History of ayurvedam

    Ayurveda begin with accounts of the transmission of medical knowledge from the Gods to sages, and then to human physicians.Sushruta wrote that Dhanvantari, Hindu god of Ayurveda, incarnated himself as a king and taught medicine to a group of physicians. Ayurveda therapies have varied and evolved over more than two millennia.Ancient Ayurveda texts also taught surgical techniques, including rhinoplasty, kidney stone extractions, sutures, and the extraction of foreign objects.

    Alife Ayurvedam
  • Benefits of Ayurvedam

    Ayurveda doesn't possess any side effects.
    Ayurveda addresses the root causes of disease and imbalance, rather than just mere symptom management.
    In Ayurveda, each person is treated as a unique individual and is provided customized wellness solutions. Ayurveda has a truly holistic definition of health that includes body, mind, soul, and senses.
    Ayurveda empowers us to take body health into our own hand's, with a pure soul and fresh mind.

    Alife Ayurvedam

Alife Ayurvedam to public

We are unique and modern multispeciality ayurvedic hospital in kochi, we are specialised in Rejuvenation, Rehabilitation, Brain and Spine disorders and treatments, Infertility care and Detoxifications. We are recognised as the authentic center for the ayurvedic treatment procedures headed by Dr. Anwar A Pattath, A young veteran and specialist in ayurvedic and marma chikitsa care.

      Paralysis Recovery
      Brain and Spine Care
      Rejuvenation Therapy
      Infertility care
      Accident rehabilitation
      Stroke Management

Authentic Speciality care

Brain and Spine
Accident Rehabilitation
Infertility Treatment
Paralysis Recovery
Sirodhara / Sirovasthi
Podikizhi / Navarakizhi
Kati Vasthi

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Alife Ayurveda Hospital is Collabarted with major tour operators and medicine manufactures to provide authentic and direct in-person care to people, our tour operators assist people to reach our nearby center without any difficulty and our Medicine franchisors stock relevant medicne from us and supply to needy people upon request without any delay.
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Alife Ayurvedam

Ayurveda literally means the knowledge of life and originated in India as the traditional medical system over 5,000 years ago. It works both as a preventative   curative medicine. According to Ayurveda, we create our state of health based upon how we interact with our environment. By making choices that support our inner nature we can live harmoniously and in balance
There are 3 constitutions or doshas in Ayurveda: vata, pitta   kapha. These three doshas are comprised of the elements: ether, air, fire, water   earth. Vata is comprised of ether and air, pitta is made up of fire and a little bit of water and kapha is created from water and earth. Everything that is alive has the 5 elements within it and all 3 doshas; however, every living being has a unique blend of the elements and thus the doshas. Unearth your Ayurvedic constitution   learn what it means for your skin, health,   wellbeing.
The chakra system is responsible for storing prana or life force energy within the subtle body. Chakra is translated as “wheel”. You can think of the chakras as circular wheels that spin at different frequencies. The different frequencies determine an individual’s state of awareness as well as their emotional and mental tendencies. The daily lifestyle choices we make affect the frequencies at which the chakras spin. For example, if we are eating healthy, exercising, meditating and have a harmonious daily routine, the quality of prana passing through the chakras make the chakras function at optimal levels; thus, the body and mind will a more profound experience of peace and harmony.

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  • "Great effort by people, This is really ayurveda, calm clear and sufficient. I really cant imagine how i got relieved from my backpain after surgery. Now i do not feel the pain and feeling very comfortable to walk and jump. Thank you guys, Thank you so much."
    Shweta G Nambiar
  • "I do thank here for my grandpa, As people who searching for authentic care should reach here, i will refer all my friends and relatives here so that they also get a chance to feel the magic of ayurveda."
    Raju Yadav
  • "I have seen so many happy faces in this hospital, at first i did doubt the reality as this is ayurveda, but after treatment i requested this opportunity write my personal experiance on their website, Just one word- Great ! wonderful, thank you. i dont know how to thank you even after i paid the bills, i still believe you deserve something worth more than a smile"
    Muhammmed Mustafa Thangal(67)